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About Us

We ASAS Pan Gulf Real Estate Investments Co is one of the first companies that has assisted in developing a new theme in the real estate sector.

Investors seek ASAS Pan Gulf as strategic partner for investments, and making deals for selling, buying, and renting contracts, especially in the offices buildings, and commercial showroom sectors.

ASAS has a good reputation complemented by advanced research and continuous renovation in the real estate which aim to meet the demands of the market to give options that suit everyone in any financial class of society. Together, that has made the ASAS a trusted partner with clients and creating great success over the past forty years.

Our vision is to implement quality standards in execution of real estate projects and adapting global standards quality such as ISO 9001/2008, aiming to give high quality services that meet the expectations for our clients .

ASAS Pan Gulf for Real Estate Investments has taken the responsibility to complete the following:

1. We guarantee giving a good service to our clients and completing projects that go beyond meeting their expectations and needs.

2. We guarantee honesty and integrity in presenting our services to our clients.

3. We will assist you in presenting suggestions to help you in selling, or renting your personal property at the right place and right time for maximum effectiveness.

4. We present ideas and solutions that are constantly renewed and meet the demands of our clients in what concerns managing their private property and estimation.

5. We present financial feasibility studies and financial consultations in the real estate sector, through experts that specialize in the field, and that have undertaken training programs on how to work in marketing real estate in a practical and professional manner. ​